Acroyoga - The sky is the limit 

AcroYoga combines:

the fitness + play of acrobatics,

the healing + movement of therapeutics,

the balance + connection of yoga.


Check out some videos!

Don't let the lock down pull back your practice and your progress. Whether you have a partner or not, we have options for you.

You don't need any kind of previous experience. Doesn't matter how strong or flexible you are. Those things are developed with time and good training.

The background message of Acroyoga is creating community. Join us and discover a world where healthy training, unlocking skills and having fun in community merge together.

Individual training for Acroyogis

A special training designed to improve:

Mobility & Strength

(Active) Flexibility


Acroyoga online

Classes carefully designed to be taken in pairs. 

Reduced groups for real time coaching.

Private classes

For beginners looking for more support or for advanced practitioner looking for something more specific.

Celebrate your birthday

Or any other special occasion. Book a private class for you and your friends and create everlasting, beautiful memories.

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