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Yoga Leipzig

Acroyoga Gang Teacher Training

We are Lucie Beyer and Ingrid Quintana, experienced Acroyogis, Yogis, Thai Massage Therapists and warm hearted teachers eager to create real, human connections.

We have a holistic approach to the Acroyoga practice because we understand life is about balance. Acrobatics hand in hand with Thai Massage and Yoga allows you to develop a healthy and sustainable practice.

After more than 10 years exploring the infinite possibilities of ancient practices, we feel aligned not only with them, but also between each other to guide you into becoming an Acroyoga Teacher.

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Our next teacher training: 24th June - 10th July 2023 in Be Light Leipzig

Reading this might be the first step into a path of beautiful changes... 


In this 15-day training you will bloom as a teacher, learning skills that will help you understand the didactics when teaching Partner Acrobatics and Therapeutics. 

Our goal as a team, is to find and nourish the teacher inside of you, throughout 2 full weeks of learning in community, overcoming your challenges to let your own and authentic light shine brighter. 


Please read this text thoroughly:

This training is focused primarily on teaching how to teach Acroyoga. We will also practice a lot, but if you search an unlock tricks and moves, you might find other trainings more suitable. Being prepared is our first advice, so you make the most out of this experience. If you have doubts about this being the right moment to take a teacher training with us, please contact us, so we can help you out. 


The teacher training will take place from the 24th of June - 10th of July 2023 in the beautiful city of Leipzig in Germany. 


We will have an arrival day to get to know each other, a free day to enjoy the beautiful city and/or to chill and a closing ceremony on the last day.  


During the training you will also enjoy: an amazing and qualified team of teachers, special guests and some surprises! 


We will provide you with a delicious and consciously prepared lunch every training day (arrival day, free day and leaving day not included). Other meals like breakfast and dinner are not included, but the studio is in the heart of the city center, so you can easily find many different options around to feed your hungry bellies. 


Teaching language will be English, but you can practice your own teaching in German, English or Spanish.


We are looking forward to share this magical journey with you!

Acroyoga Gang Pre-requisites: So we have the same baseline and we are already set up for success!

If you don’t know some of the poses, names & sequences, you can see the prereqs in the video:


We also offer single or five times online/in presence private class bundles, to make sure, that you are ready for the adventure!

Apart from the pre-reqs, keep in mind that we will move for two weeks. Make sure to develop your own movement/workout/acroyoga practice, to be able to enjoy two weeks of training.


Also remember that you are allowed to have „weak“ points! We want humans, no machines.

Acro Prerequisites


Solo Practice:

  • 30 seconds handstand hold against the wall

  • ANY version of cartwheel

  • 10 knee or plank pushups


Basing AND Flying:


Static Poses

  • High Flying Whale

  • Front, Reversed & Back Bird

  • Star

  • Supported Shoulderstand


  1. Plank, Foot to Shin, Flamingo, Shin to Foot and back.

  2. Throne, High Flying Whale, Throne, Foot to Shin, Plank.


  • Star to Straddle Bat


Base OR Fly:


Static Poses

  • Reversed Star

  • Reversed Shoulderstand

  • Side Star

  • Foot to Hand


  1. Ninja Star

  2. Four Step


  • Helicopter

  • Cartwheel to bat


Giving & Receiving Thai Massage:

Minimum of three Thai Massage Workshops or a Thai Massage Basic Course with any teacher.

How to apply for the Acroyoga Gang Teacher Training?

First, we want to get to know you :) Please fill out this application form


After we confirmed your application, you can officially book the Teacher Training through Lucie's website. Just scroll down to reach the "shopping cart".



2000€ Early Early - booked & paid until 15th of Mail 2023.

2300€ Regular - booked & paid after 15th of June 2023.


The prices include one vegan/vegetarian lunch per day, excluding arrival day, free day and leaving day.

Not included are accommodation, other meals and traveling costs.

General Info

We want to evolve together in our practices and in our teachings, and we want create a safe container for a deep human connection & group process. Therefor the weeks can’t be split: It’s only possible to attend the entire training. 

There is the possibility to sleep at the studio for a low budget. Please write to if you are interested in this option.


Please let us know, if you have any questions using this contact form.

We are very much looking forward to meet you and to enjoy this beautiful journey together!

Ingrid & Lucie

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